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Welcome to the website of Rob Vander Zee. This is a comprehensive website featuring various aspects of Rob's life and work. In this website, you will be able to explore Rob's paintings, his art classes and teaching methods, and his wilderness home and retreat. Relax and enjoy the many photos of the beautiful gardens and abundant nature that surround and inspire Rob as he creates his Art.



What people say

on Vander Zee's work
John Mendelsohn

John Mendelsohn

Renowned Painter, New York

"Vander Zee possesses an ecological imagination, attuned to the natural world and to the otherness we experience in our own lives. He shows us an alternate reality that is both a warning of evolution distorted human agency, and a promise of our oneness with the living environment."

Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman

Contributing Critic, Art in America

"Rob Vander Zee is an artist who looks at nature and finds prophecies within it."

Bill Smith

Bill Smith

Artist and Art Historian

"Rob has always been a cerebral painter. The work looks immediate, spontaneous, and unplanned. But like Zen calligraphers before him, his rush to splatter paint is preceded by fitful nights of thoughtful contemplation. His mind rumbles over the reason to paint. His fingers practice colors like a pianist practicing Bach. There is a quietness before the explosion that educates the tendons connecting his mind to his arm. And we, in this age of webinars, blogs, and airbrushed microns, are graced with work that confirms again the value of paint on primed canvas; of color mixed by hand; of the tactile intimacy of painter, brush and subject.

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