Project Description


In 2013, Rob led a trip for his students to study the art, architecture and gardens of Japan.  He was amazed by the gardens and was especially interested in the amount of care that the Japanese have as they nurture their trees and plants. He loved the quiet and austere quality of these gardens and he especially enjoyed the “moss and fern” gardens.  These gardens are generally covered with moss and appear very ancient.  He was so inspired by his experience in Japan that upon his return to the United States, he decided to design and create his own moss and fern garden.  The garden includes two Japanese bridges, one of which spans a thirty-two foot ravine without using any pylons – a pretty amazing architectural feat.  There are also five antique, hand-carved stone sculptures from china that are over 250 years old. (The Japanese often incorporated sculptures from China in to their gardens).  The garden flows out naturally into the surrounding forest which gives it the unique quality of something old and mysterious as it emerges out of the forest.  There are several places for guests to rest and sit in the garden to do some reading or writing or just contemplate the beauty of the place.